Housing Services
For your specific needs...

Here at The West Memphis Housing Authority, we strive to provide accessible services, and information to individuals and families looking for housing services that are knowledgeable and experienced. We offer residential, senior, and disability targeted services, as well as a family self-sufficiency program. Be sure to contact us today, or call us directly to inquire about what we offer, and how to get started.

Residential Services

Committed to ensuring that public housing and section 8 families receive services to assist in self-sufficiency, The West Memphis Housing Authority offers a wide range of assistance and services. Be sure to read about our "Family Self-Sufficiency Program", and contact us directly with any inquiries.

Senior Services

Our senior services are geared toward assisting the elderly and disabled residents in targeted elder high rise communities. Learn more about assistance with transportation for medical appointments, and connecting you to resources in the community to help meet basic needs.

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