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  • Residential housing services

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Resident Services Program

The West Memphis Housing Authority Resident Services Department is dedicated to ensuring that public housing and Section 8 families receive services that will enable them to achieve self-sufficiency.

The staff is available and accessible to help them families to obtain education, job-training, find a job, advance their career, become a homeowner, or improving their quality of life as a senior in one our communities.

Senior Services Program

Service Coordination For The Elderly & Disabled Residents
The Resident Services Department has Service Coordinators staff available to assist the elderly and disabled residents in targeted elderly high rise communities. The purpose of this grant is to help this population to age in place gracefully. These services include case management services to assist them with their daily activities of living skills, social networks, recreational and health services.

Service Coordinators are primarily responsible for providing educational programs and services that will help them to improve their quality of life. Also, they may include assisting with arranging transportation for medical appointments, linking them to resources in the community to help them to meet their basic needs, and advocating for them when they are experiencing issues with obtaining services.

Frankie Beard
Resident Service Coordinator

Office Location
430 South 26th Streeet
West Memphis, AR 72301

Phone Number:

870-735-3520 Ext. #30

  • Family Self Sufficiency Program


The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program offers employment and other case management services designed to promote economic self-sufficiency for families currently participating in the Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing Programs. FSS Participants develop specific economic goals, via their Individual Training and Services Plan, and work with an FSS Coordinator to identify activities and services to help achieve these goals over a five-year period.

One of the benefits of the FSS program is an interest-bearing escrow account that is established by the Housing Authority in the name of each participating family. An escrow credit is based on increases in earned income that is credited to this account by the housing authority during the term of the FSS contract.

Upon fulfillment of the five-year program and completion of the goals listed on the Individual Training and Services Plan, families receive the funds in the escrow account.

FSS Coordinators are available to help families access a host of other career, training and other community services as well. FSS program services may include, but are not limited to:

 • Job Training and Employment Counseling 

 • Child Care

 • Transportation

 • Education

 • Substance/alcohol abuse treatment or counseling

 • Household skill training

 • Home-ownership Counseling 

Things you should know about the FSS Program:

 • Families must be currently receiving rental assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher or Public Housing Program.

 • Families must respond to any interest letter or notices sent by the Housing Authority.

 • Families must attend an orientation scheduled by the Housing Authority.

 • Families must complete and adhere to an Individual Training and Service Plan, which identifies goals and outlines specific activities and services over the five-year contractual period. 

 • Families must work closely with the assigned FSS Coordinator to complete set goals.

 • Families may have the opportunity to establish an escrow savings account.

 • Any member of the household who is a participant of the Housing Choice Voucher or Public Housing Program and included on the lease may participate in the FSS Program.

 • A family may be selected for participation whether or not family members are employed.

 • A family may be denied the opportunity to participate if they previously participated and were terminated for not meeting the FSS Program obligations.

Anita Ringold

Family Self-Sufficiency Program Coordinator

Office Location

3052 Autumn Apt. #195, West Memphis, AR 72301

Phone Number 

870-735-5664 or 870-735-3520 Ext. #31